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History of Body Armor and Bullet Proof Vests

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Humans throughout recorded history have used various types of materials as body armor to protect themselves from injury in combat and other dangerous situations. The first protective clothing and shields were made from animal skins. As civilizations became more advanced, wooden shields and then metal shields came into use. Eventually, metal was also used as body armor,

Bulletproof vest

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A bulletproof vest, ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest is an item of Ballistic Helmet Using High Pressure Molding

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It’s necessary to compare the speed of bullets between the use of composite materials before and after the infiltration of laminates with different arrangements for different ballistic fabrics. Through the bullet-proof mechanisms, energy absorption, boundary effects and failure mode of the survey, we found that the best arrangements for forming laminates bulletproof helmet or ballistic helmet enhance performance, the maximum level. We also found that, bullet-proof ballistic helmets have the best ballistic protection, bullet-pr

Bullet-proof vest or Body armor saves lives

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Bullet-proof vest is credited with saving the lives of more than 3,000 law enforcement officerssince 20th century, 70 years. However, the vest has become lighter, more powerful test also raised the issue of their longevity.Over the years, many organizations do not give priority to staff up to date equipment, bulletproof vests, bulletproof vests, they are often among the staff and the protection of armed criminals, the last line.”The loan officers used clothing or vest, this is totally inappropriate and

Idea of create bullet proof vest chapter 2

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This is not an easy task. A fatal bullet hit because of its high-speed body piercing through the skin is relatively weak, and then quickly transfer its kinetic energy of the organization of a relatively small area. The bullet-proof vest trick, then disperse in the larger field of energy bullets. Rigid materials do a good job, but for the heavy, clumsy clothes. Lighting flexible, but much less energy consumption and easy. Idea of create bullet proof vest chapter 1

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1893 the idea of bullet-proof vest fabric is nothing new. Only last year the San Francisco jewel heist gang wearing a baseball catcher off the filling of the body armor to strengthen a model - a funny heavy style that enjoin them to slowly return to their carriage of the carriage to escape. In fact, there is a craze fo

What do you know about new material of body armor plate ?

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A technology the United States Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a solution is to increase the hardness and improve the U.S. military used in the ballistic performance of body armor plate material. Researchers, start-up companies is a commercial technology.He knew, boron carbide powder used to form the armor is not melted during sintering - a high-t

Body armor and bullet-proof vest in the search box

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Several large companies and small companies in the body armor business players. Until recently, the police force has been the focus of many manufacturers. Now, in Irag and other global upheavals of war, greatly increasing the armor of U.S. military spending, to attract more manufacturers attention. The U.S. military has long been considered difficult to handle due to government contracts, military specifications, the bureaucratic system, long-term large defense contractors and other issues, relationships

Ceramic and metal body armor plates in the light weight and better protection

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The United States currently is a boron carbide ceramic body armor plates, an application of its properties, including nuclear reactors, the materials used. For various reasons, BPV China body armor plates is a major manufacturer of boron carbide. Board manufacturer Ceradyne’s vertical integration in this area, but its August 2004 German producer Esk, who in the manufacture of electric arc furnace at its plant in Germany Kempten acquired thanks boron carb

Donate money for bullet-proof vests

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Municipal police officers will soon be equipped with a new bullet-proof vest, from the Marcus Hook Community Development Corporation donated USD5,000.Community Development Corporation, president and vice president Robert Kersee Malihuoen in a recent city council meeting, announced the filing of checking police chief, John Ireland. keep looking »

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