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China body armor and ballistic helmet

Posted on April 28, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor |

Our company manufacture body armor, ballistic helmet and bullet-resistant for law enforcement and Armor Plate. During the Norman Conquest of England a knight was considered fully armed if he used ballistic helmet, shield and a coat of mail (called hauberk by the Norman and byrnie by the English). By the 14th century, knights were commonly metal clad from head to foot in “plate mail”, a heavy and cumbersome full body armor consisting of padded or leather under armor with hinged or riveted metal plates worn over it. Although bulky and movement restrictive, the knight had little to fear in combat when wearing the body armor.The discovery of gunpowder in the seventeenth century by Western Europe made the knight style body armor obsolete. Early firearm projectiles would easily penetrate the body armor causing mortal wounds, and the armor also limited the knight’s movement, preventing him from evading the attack except on horseback. For some time, the only real protections against firearm projectiles were masonry or natural barriers.In 1914 the Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was using one of these ballistic helmets when he was killed by a shot to the head — precipitating World War I.For more information about body armor and ballistic helmet, contact with our company.


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