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The ex-convict wears the bullet proof vest

Posted on May 25, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor |

   The ex-convict was the target of police attention on Monday to keep pressure on known individuals who are released from prison back into the community. They should to wear the bullet proof vest 

   Officers from the Operation Aries gang unit were sent to move around Croydon to “noise up” known gang members, or nominals, to see what information they could gleam. The individual’s release from prison sparked a meeting of some of the few remaining DSN members outside the McDonald’s in North End. PC Ian Reeves and PC Dean Harrison, specialists in prisons and schools respectively, drove in an unmarked car around Croydon’s gang hotspots looking for the man when a call came over the radio from an eagle-eyed Police Community Support Officer. PC Harrison said: “This specific PCSO has got eyes like a hawk and a great memory for faces. He had seen the gang member around the town centre and held on to him until we could get there.” The man was held outside the Vue Cinema until PC Harrison and Reeves arrived.

   The man claimed to be wearing the bullet proof vest because he had heard that rival gang members were after him and were going to shoot him on his release from prison. PC Reeves said: “I spoke to him and he said he wanted to start mentoring kids to stop them going the route he did and ending up in prison. “I told him that if he really wanted to we could help with that.” PC Harrison said: “A lot of the problems with these kids come from the parenting. “While we get some parents who know their kids are bad and know they need help, others blame us saying, what did you do to make him do this, or you must have provoked him. “These kids are not stupid kids, they are intelligent but somewhere along the lines they’ve chosen a different route.” Sergeant Darin Birmingham said: “It is all about keeping pressure on these people. “They have to understand we will be on them from the morning until the night.

    We know where they are and where they go. “This isn’t only about policing it is about trying to get these kids away from crime and show them there are other routes for them to go down wearing the bullet proof vest.”  


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