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sporting a new body armor

Posted on June 15, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor |

Sunday dynamis came and I was selected to go with the dynamis tav. group (others went to sandy after the 18 person limit for tav was reached).  2 I think of the blms in my pty died shortly after entering while fighting the nightmare bugard (think it did a bad AoE that got them).  After we killed the bugard, antlion, and worm I think we began killing hydras.  We killed some bees too in between hydras and I think one bee droped a -1 blu and -1 rdm legs.  I did not declare -1 rdm legs since they were kinda meh.  The wife of the leader opted to drop some points on them since she had so many stored (she does have much left to spend them on anyway I think) lol.  We killed some mor hydras and a hydra warrrior drop the duelist tabard.  I was first in line this time because 1 of the 2 people ahead of me was MIA and the other was in the sandy group.  I think I lotted a 170 ish (think 178) and I was shakeing untill it finally droped to me.  So I now have my relic body finally (the people in the LS knew I was freaking out when it droped because they knew that was the part I wanted a lot and had mentioned…… a few times


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