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From Breastplate To Body Armor or Bulletproof Vest

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When people are engaged in a battle, there is always a observable question, do we want to win or lose on the battlefield of life?

Having already looked at the utility belt of truth that the Roman soldier would wear, and what that would mean to us, let’s consider our first piece of actual body armor. Honestly, if this one is missing, we will be cut down quickly in the war.

Protecting vital organs

For the Roman soldier, the breastplate was essential. It was basically a tough piece of leather with animal horn or hoof pieces sewn into it.

The piece went from the neck to the abdomen, and it protected the vital organs, including the heart. One well-placed blow here or to the head and it’s done, party’s over, and you just became a casualty.

Our modern equivalent would be body armor or the bulletproof vest.

So today, make sure that piece of your armor is on because, frankly, if it isn’t, then the other pieces will not do you much good.


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