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What Do The First Body Armors/Bulletproof Vests Look Like ?

Posted on July 29, 2009 - Filed Under BPV, Bullet Proof |

Military forces have been using body armor since the early middle ages. Armor of metal, leather, cloth liner, silk and other plant materials have been inherent in military operations since then. But the bullet proof vest is a relatively new invention, with the specific design purpose to protect its wearer from firearm shootings. Modern firearms shooting proved to be difficult to stop, because of new manufacturing materials, high speed, and increase in firing rate.
Although the individuals have been establishing and using temporary measures to protect themselves from bullets some time ago, from the late 1800s, Casimir Zeglen of Chicago Illinois Zeglen produced the first commercial bullet proof vest and is credited with availability of vest to the public. Zeglen’s vests were made of silk fabric which can slow bullet speed and penetration ability.
Modern body armors are often produced by different materials, most of which are synthetic. Coverage area, weight, bulkieness and comfort have been greatly improved over the past several decades. At present, almost all the bullet proof vests used by military and law enforcement are based on a Kevlar or ceramic base material, with an additional “strike” plate made of steel or more flexible materials easily paste crucial point.


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