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History Of Bullet Proof Vests

Posted on August 1, 2009 - Filed Under BPV, Bullet Proof |

Since the human began to realize a means to protect people from injury and other dangerous situations, bullet proof vests have been used then. There are documents for description of these protective measures in history.
Animal skin or leather was firstly used to make the body armors. It was effective to use leather as a barrier to prevent the arms reduction and perforation of the animals and early humans, but it has been proved of little use to smash the weapons. When weapon skills, materials and design was improved, wood and metal shield was used to replace the skin.
By the 14th century, “plate mail” was worn commonly by knights from head to toe, a heavy and cumbersome coat full of bullet proof vests or composition leather armor or under the hinge metal plates riveted to wear it. Although bulky, movement restrictions, there is no worry that when knight in the battle wearing the body armor.
By the end of 1800 and beginning of the 20th century, silk body armors (the first bullet proof vests) were designed. Wear it to protect them from bullets by lowing speed, but ammunition technical was developing too fast to it.


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