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Standards For Bullet Proof Vests

Posted on August 3, 2009 - Filed Under Bullet Proof |

There are 7 American Standard for bullet proof vests in relation with common threats and included in National Institute of Justice standard 0101.04.
Types I, IIA, II, and IIIA are to protect from threats by pistol. Types III and IV are to prevent the high-power rifle bullet. Type II is selected by most officers.
Type I : the minimum level of protection.
Types IIA: prevent low-speed nine millimeters and 40 S&W ammunition.
Type II: prevention of high-speed 357 Magnum and a higher rate of 9 mm ammunition.
Type IIIA: protection from the high-speed 9 mm and 44 Magnum ammunition. Not recommended in hot or humid climate.
Type III: 7.protection from 62 mm all-metal jacket (FMJ) bullet.
Type IV: Prevention of 0.30-caliber armor piercing (AP) bullets.
Special Type: non-standard custom made, which is based in any standard, in addition to special requirements.


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