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Quality Control Of Bullet Proof Vests

Posted on August 5, 2009 - Filed Under ballistic vest, Bullet Proof |

Bullet proof vests carry out many tests same as regular clothing do. Fiber and yarn tensile strength are tested by fiber manufacturers and tensile strength of the resulting cloth are tested by fabric weavers.

National Institute of Justice requies to test the rigorous protection of the bullet proof vests. There are differences for various bulletproof vests.

It is very important to have a size label on a vest. It includes not only the style, size, manufacturer’s logo, model, and care instructions, but also must include the protection level, lot number, date of issue, note which side should face up to, and serial number, a note indicating it is in line with NIJ approval standards.

It must to test the bulletproof vests by wet and dry testing, because the fibers used to make bullet-proof vests when wet but will perform differently when dry.

After approved by the inspections, NIJ will certify the model number and then the manufacturer can repeat accurate duplicates of the vest.


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