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V50 for Ballistic Vest Testing

Posted on September 14, 2009 - Filed Under ballistic vest, Body Armor |

Bullet-proof performance of body armor is measured on the basis of the effect (KE = ½ mv2) bullet kinetic energy. Because the bullets in its ability to penetrate the energy is a key factor in the speed of the ballistic testing as the main independent variable. For most users, a key measurement of the speed will not be bullets penetrate armor. Measurement of the zero-penetration rate (tie) must take into account the variation of armor performance and testing variation. Ballistic tests are a number of sources of change: armor, test support materials, bullets, casing, powder, primer, and the gun, to name a few.Variability reduces the tie to determine the predictive ability. If, for example, an armored design bar to measure the 1.6 thousand feet / sec (490 m / s) of the 9 mm FMJ 30 posts bullets, testing is only one real tie to this armored estimates. The problem is variation. If the bar is a test of the vest 30 with the redesign of the second group, the result will be different.Only a low penetrating shot are required to reduce the value of bundles. The more investment will be made to reduce rolling. In statistics, zero penetration velocity distribution curve at the end. If the mutation is known to calculate the standard deviation can be set in strict confidence interval of the tie. Standard definition is now testing the number of guns, armor certification must be used to estimate the tie. This program defines a bundle the estimated confidence interval.Tie is difficult to measure, so the second concept is called a V50 the most suitable in the development of ballistic missile tests. This is its speed by 50 percent and 50 percent shooting to be stopped suit of armor. U.S. military standards. This definition of commonly used test procedures. Our goal is to obtain three of penetration is more than one third from the second set of armor to stop shooting slow. The three high-stations and three low-permeability can be used to calculate a V50 the most suitable speed.In practice, this a V50 the most appropriate measurement needs 1-2 vest panels and 10-20 bar. An armored test is very useful concept of the tie and V50 between the migration velocity. If this measure designed to offset the armor, then a V50 the most appropriate data can be used to measure and estimate tie changes. For the vest manufacturing, on-site evaluation and life testing are rolling and the V50 use. Howeveras a V50 the most suitable to make simple measurements, this approach is more important is the control of armor, after certification.The news comes from www.bodyarmorchina.comBody Armor China   Bullet Proof Vest


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