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Body armor plate manufacturers must to understand the development trend

Posted on October 30, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor Plate |

Military priorities and in the next two to three years include improved and the current improvements in body armor components, body armor plate, as well as Bullet-proof vests purchased the short-term theater performance of special needs.Body armor plate manufacturers must to understand the Land Warrior (LW) with the ground troops Ensemble (gse) system. While the bullet-proof vest is not a major part of these systems, these systems must be integrated with bullet-proof vests worn by soldiers. Because these body armor plate system prototypes and operational 2010 test, and in 2011 or 2012 may have a wider range of deployment of the Future Combat Systems network.Although already started developing scalable and tasks of cutting body armor plate systems, vector strategy that these systems will not be ready to procurement to 2012 or later. Next-generation body armor plate system will be developed countries and between 2012 and 2015 purchases. The system will display the new design and performance characteristics.China BPV understands that a flexible body armor plate system will not be ready to a large-scale procurement and deployment of the army or in the United States Marine Corps, until the about 2015. This is due to the need for standardized and developed test protocols, the current technology is not mature enough, high costs, and to be integrated into a body armor plate system design technology.The news from China BPV Body Armor Plate Manufacturer  http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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