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Increasing protection of the bullet proof vest by a layer of fabric between the ballistic vest and body

Posted on November 1, 2009 - Filed Under ballistic vest, Bullet Proof |

Bulletproof vest Construction must be a wearer, the wearer of the body and the intimate contact, there is no physical space, thereby enhancing both security and ventilation; a pitch Clothing has the same effect; and insert to adapt to the expansion of existing bulletproof vest to a larger role in the same size. Bullet-proof vest is a dense fibrous material in order to protect, such as military, law enforcement or from a person wearing a bullet VIP effects, such as bullets or shrapnel, sharp objects (such as a knife) and / or shock waves were generated by explosion. ccording to this invention of bullet-proof vests, ballistic fabric, according to current technology level and the close intimacy, both physical contact with the wearer is the interval from the human body, so that the gap right in the air or soft materials, formed between the body and the vest. As further detailed below, forming a layer of fabric between the ballistic and physical gap between the increasing protection of the vest.The news from China BPV Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer  http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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