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Solution to build a better body armor helmet

Posted on November 12, 2009 - Filed Under Body Armor |

Body armor helmet is likely to take away the sport’s benefits. This will reduce the cost of the equipment can be used for some schools paralysis. The slower the game may also be more appetite for some parents. Found with their heads, the player may attract more spokesmen. By all accounts, prohibit body armor helmet is not to anyone’s agenda. Greg Aiello, the NFL’s official spokesman said the league is not considering the idea. Its focus is to improve the technology and body armor helmet rules “can match the head of.” Do not wear helmets, he said, “will not eliminate concussion of the movement, involving exposure to risk.” Tom Boshimaiye, medical consultants NFL the players union, said not enough studies have shown that, without body armor helmets will reduce the brain damage competition. “This is an interesting theoretical problem, but I do not think anyone would consider not playing American football helmet,” he said. Larry, head of research and development of helmet manufacturer said Scott Maddux, team members quietly hit on the head, often beat and impact may become a shock, even without body armor helmets. Thagard Well, in the Riddle, vice president of research and development, the official sponsor of football helmets that make helmets out would be a bad thing. “It’s always a casual contact,” he said. Julian Bailes, a union player who had brain research neurosurgeon, said the NFL should change the so-called line of players before the player can not enter the 3 o’clock position, a rule to prevent the mushrooming of the head, first of all the rules to other players . He said he would stop all those responsible for football practice contact. Dr Caton said the brain injury may be the implementation of the books already in NFL, especially the body armor helmet rule reduced to helmet hits, but not always official said. “We have the ultimate sanction for a number of difficulties for the referee,” he said. For many people, the solution is to build a better body armor helmet. NFL is going through a “more accurate and the relative concentration of the helmet of independent testing of information relating to shock forces, said:” Ira neuropathy, common Carson NFL’s mild traumatic brain injury committee. However, the argument that body armor helmets may eventually be an economic issue. NFL is being shaped around the concept, players can run into each high-speed no other consequences. It is the idea of the NASCAR nation’s most popular sport in the form of the same. And beyond all this, as well as whether there is the prospect of severe mental disorder later on in life will not stop playing games are very real problem, let alone read.The news from China BPV Body Armor China Helmet Manufacturer  http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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