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New bullet-proof material has been designed recently

Posted on November 27, 2009 - Filed Under Bullet Proof Material |

It is reported that a new bullet-proof material has been designed recently, the actual strength of rebounding bullets. The purpose of the current bullet-proof material is to spread the power. In the design of nanotechnology refers to the fire line can be without a back shot. Do not put security guards in bullet-proof vest, police and military, to exclude them beyond the power of the bullets. The new carbon nano-technology research, but can give the material fire line is those who can bounce bullets without signs of damage. Studies on the physical ‘Nanotechnology Research Institute announced the details of how Advanced Materials Technology Center at the University of Sydney engineers have found a way to use the elasticity of carbon nanotubes not only to stop bullets penetrating material but actually rebound in the strength. Most of the anti-missile materials, such as bulletproof vests and explosion-proof blankets, are now changing from Kevlar, Twaron or Dyneema fibers from the spread of multi-penetrating power of bullets to stop a bullet. Goals can still be left suffering blunt force trauma - perhaps a serious injury, or worse, damage to the vital organs. Elasticity of carbon nanotubes means that blunt trauma can be avoided, which is why the engineers to conduct tests to find the most effective bullet-proof materials rebound in the best gear flexibility. The news from China BPV Bullet Proof Materials Manufacturer  http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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