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Why ‘Bullet proof’ Vests

Posted on February 18, 2009 - Filed Under Bullet Proof |

Your protection needs to be on BEFORE it’s really needed, because the best vest for you is the one you’re actually wearing when shot!

  While the extensive coverage, and turtle-shell feeling of tactical armor is reassuring, convenience and concealability is often more critical because dangerous situations don’t always announce themselves ahead of time.

  Thus keeping your armor camouflaged is critical. The military (see Tactical Armor) can accomplish this with camouflage patterns, but urban environments require a concealable vest under clothes, or inconspicuous ballistic clothing.

  If an armed criminal notices your body armor, they can easily target, or threaten, your head, hip or groin area. You have just wasted part of the advantage of wearing body armor (of course you also reduced your target area by ~50%!)


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