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Ballistic Body Armour,Helmets and Shields-BPV

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CHINA BPV CO.,LTD. specialises in the manufacture of personal protection equipment for a wide range of uses. Extensive research into the effects of ballistic attacks by high and low velocity munitions against high performance plastics allows us to offer the most advanced body armour, military helmets and shields on the market today.

Styles 11 and 14: these armoured vests are designed to be worn under a shirt or tunic. They are of a sleeveless design with the style 11 having side and shoulder openings, which are secured by Velcro, providing a close and comfortable fit. Protection is provided to the sides, front and back of the body. Style 14 is of a T shirt design with a Lycra close fitting cover offering a very low profile yet still providing the highest level of protection. This vest only opens on one side. Both vests are available in female sizes and can be supplied with anti stab inserts.

Styles 15 and 18: these discrete covert vests have ballistic or anti stab inserts sewn into the linings of normal outer clothing wear. Current styles include the bodywarmer (style 18) or the general purpose Bullet Proof Jacket  (style15). Other garments can be adapted as required.

Styles 203: these vests are designed for both police and military general use with the options to upgrade for full operational duties by the addition of ballistic neck and groin protection. Supplied in either open or closed shoulder styles, these vests can include additional pockets for ancillary equipment.

Styles 19 and 17: police and security personnel are the main users of these vests, which are more suited to urban use. These styles can also be up graded and include detachable neck and groin protection. Style 17 is of a front opening design, while 19 has the standard side and shoulder openings. Both are available in female sizes.

Styles 401 and 401LJ Marine Vests: these armoured vests are suited for all types of waterborne operations where there is a ballistic threat which requires the wearer to have a vest that offers buoyancy to EN393 requirements. The 401 LJ ballistic vest includes an automatically inflating life jacket providing additional lifesaving enhancement. Style 12, a non-buoyant vest designed for underwater operations, is also available.

Styles 371 and 372 De-Mining Vests: these vests are used in de-mining operations worldwide by military and humanitarian organisations. The 371 offers additional cover to the lower body.

Styles 801 and 802 Search Suits: used when searching for improvised explosive devices and during general explosive search missions, these suits are of modular construction, linked with Velcro and supporting straps, which allows full flexibility during search operations.

The Defender offers high anti-ballistic and impact trauma protection properties and features full compatibility with circum-aural ear defenders such as the Peltor H61 F and the Davies CT 100. Ideal for use by special tactical teams who require both ballistic protection and communication/hearing protection.

BPV’s own version of the widely adopted ‘PASGT’ Helmet (the US Personal Armour System Ground Troops’ protection system) uses unique advanced processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection, at lower weight, with an improved comfort factor.

The BPV Combat Helmet is the most popular ballistic helmet in our range, and has become standard issue to military, police and tactical teams throughout the world.

This has only been achieved by combining high ballistic performance, low weight and comfort, with low cost.

The Paratrooper Helmet is produced in the styles of either the Combat or PASGT according to the customer’s choice. The differences to the individual Paratroop Helmet is in the internal fitments of the helmet which provide increased protection to accept the additional inertia involved in parachuting.

The BPV PAS-TAC tactical helmet is very similar in design to that of the BPV PASGT, but the slight reduction in overall cover provides for a 7% saving in weight. This ensures the helmet is more compact and better balanced for wearer comfort over longer periods.

The Mine Clearance Helmet has been designed specifically for the task of demining which requires the addition of a ballistic visor. Standard protection for the visor is @500m/sec for fragmentation or 240m/sec. The visor is removable and can be adjusted to different positions.


This new range of lightweight helmets is based on cut down versions of the PASGT Style. There are three designs, the lightest being the MACH 3 at only1kg for a NIJ 111, a medium size helmet manufactured from “superlight” materials. This is the lightest ballistic helmet on the market which affords maximum protection from low velocity munitions yet still gives protection to the critical areas of the head.

Note: The “superlight” Tetramid materials are also available for the PASGT, PAS-TEC, combat and mine helmets.


BPV International Ltd have regional offices / agents in over 60 countries worldwide. Please contact the UK office for details.

BPV ballistic shields offer the best protection/weight ratios currently available. Alternative shield options include:

Ladder shields for special operations
Firing port shield fitted with supporting brackets
BPV international Limited PK Tetramid® armour materials are incorporated in the new range of lightweight protective shields which are highly mobile and provide maximum protection to personnel and equipment.

All BPV shields provide the same levels of ballistic protection up to NIJ Level IIIA, maximum performance to weight ratio and large area cover; they are robust, easily maintained and transportable.

For further information, please refer to Bullet Proof Vest http://www.bodyarmorchina.com


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