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Bulletproof Fabric

Posted on March 17, 2009 - Filed Under Bullet Proof Material |

According to the Russian “link” on September 1 reported that Israel ApNano has developed a machine-gun bullets fired against a new type of bullet proof materials. Compared with the traditional bullet-proof materials, such use of nanotechnology to develop new products more effectively to spread the impact of bullets. Researchers presented, said the new “nano-armor” is the strength of high-quality steel products several times, will be able to withstand a speed of 1,500 m / s direct steel bullets, every square cm of its load-bearing capacity of 350 tons.

In order to a higher intensity synthesized a new type of bullet-proof fabric, the Israeli scientists who had not been used in the manufacture of nano-materials often used fullerenes and carbon nanotubes (Carbon 60), but is not commonly used to select the disulfide Tungsten. First of all, according to the successful development of this new type of material the Weizmann Institute researchers, this tungsten disulfide nanotubes only a few nanometer in diameter and retains most of the properties of carbon nanotubes. ApNano and companies to use its high-strength weave a special bullet-proof fabric.

ApNano according to a spokesman for the company, by the tungsten disulfide into the control of nano-materials can be used to make bullet proof helmets, bullet proof vests and military equipment transport of external skin. The company plans to produce 100-200 kilograms per day of new bullet-proof fabric, is expected by 2007 will be able to adjust in accordance with the needs of production units.
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